I replicated a small fake plant model I keep in my room for a feeling of home. This small decoration makes me happy when I see it, and I attempted to replicate that emotion during 3D printing. I learned that even perfect replication can never fully capture the essence of the object and how it is special to you, how you associate or connect it with what you love. I ran into numerous challenges during modeling, including attempts trying to scan a wallet and mouse, both of which were not successful. However, I persevered and was able to replicate an object I love.  

My unfamiliar object was one whose origins I did not understand. Its complexity and how it is made is a mystery, as a complex set of layers, leaves, and particles can come together to make such an intricate object. This is made by natural processes, which I find very alien and intriguing. I am intrigued by how nature processes and wind lead to this outcome. It is simply puzzling, and I had never seen one back at my home. While making the sculpture, I observed small details about my object, including strings, textures, its crippled state, cracks, layers, curved edges, diverse shapes, sheets, delicate qualities, and an inner core. Given the properties of clay, I learned thin sheets do not hold up well due to the weight, and I had to create abstractions of those forms. I used a pencil to create details, layers, and depth. 

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