For this project, I sought ways to employ creative solutions to craft a theme for my work. Given the clips are cut in half, it makes you question: Which direction is it really going? Where are you going? Made to question larger philosophical, existential questions, such as what is the direction of your life? This is the focus of my work, titled DIRECTION. The creation of this piece made me question my direction numerous times coupled with the change in direction in the composition, making unique shapes that lead to unique directions. Each mark made by walking goes in a certain direction, and my edits take those into account to move the piece in certain directions, all pulling and tugging along. You really do not know where you are going. The experimental approach, including twisting, sounds getting louder, vortexes, distortions, new sound combinations, and confusion was exactly what I was aiming for in this piece. It was intentionally cut into four sections to be less repetitive than a huge video and for the objectives of the piece.

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