MIGRATION: A MOTIVATIONAL TESTIMONY. is a film that highlights a migrant's background, experience, advice, and contains elements of motivation.
My work was inspired by my interest in diversity, social inclusion, human rights, and relevant global problems that are influencing the next generations. I used icons from a specific source of high quality, easy-to-understand, and simple to symbolize the film script items. I overlayed particles to add texture to the composition. The process of creating the film made me conscientious about the people: migrants, refugees, and people alike. It made me want to respect every person’s natural dignity and to be influenced by their love. My message is that sometimes, life requires one to take hard decisions and that we must make the best of these experiences to grow and be successful. I interviewed two migrants to learn more about the experiences that shaped them and how we can learn from their experiences and be motivated to achieve our dreams. We need to respect people’s natural dignity and leave no one behind, under a policy of inclusion. I have learned that we should always be hopeful about the situations life presents us and even be grateful for everything we have. Seeing these migrants reflect on their experiences gives me hope and I am more than thankful for their help and patience. I had to re-film their videos around three times and I worked hard to ensure the highest quality production and after eight drafts, my film was ready for PLURAL+. I am thankful for this experience, I certainly learned a lot and hope that the viewers of my film will be able to be motivated by it.
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