Centuries into the future, in the Year 2388, humans will have fully developed the Metaverse, with biological integrations to the digital worlds and the process of digitization of everything around us being almost complete. However, humans were not awaiting an error that would alter the code and ultimately change humankind and nature for the worse.
I researched about the Metaverse to explore some questions and find answers, and I wanted to
put a twist to the whole idea of the Metaverse as solving problems, with a shift to the Metaverse
creating problems, pandemonium, and afflictions, as a way to give the audience ways to think of
the ethics of such technology and whether we should be living digitally or being more grounded
and thoughtful as a traditional human. However, technology will change all our lives, and it is
inevitable, yet we should consider the possible roadblocks and consequences of our actions in
this newly emerging field.
I explored how species might change in the Metaverse and found it challenging to determine
and give exact descriptions given the rate of change in this field. I trained an Artificial Intelligence Program to create a mix of mutations for the disease-stricken creatures. It is hard to imagine how species would look in the coming centuries given we do not know how technologically advanced we will be and the rate of change that will ultimately influence our biology and selves. For this reason, I sought to experiment with the possible effects of technological mistakes in the latter phase of the virtual reality development process: merging with biological systems. I understood I could craft a story with this “Great Error” about the journey of humans in the Metaverse, facing challenges, and attempting to solve it, which could be adapted into an actual movie someday.
My work was made using colored pencil and machine learning combined into a short film about
my speculative world. I really enjoyed making this speculative world and the class in general; I learned a lot about speculative biology, fiction, and design and exercised my imagination while exploring new possibilities.

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