Ephemerality was a concept that led to explorations with transient materials such as water, dust, and sand. After doing research, development, and experimentation with these materials, I was particularly interested in the suspension of wooden blocks and the placement of dirt to make a pattern. I discussed these ideas and my vision for the project slowly took shape. I wanted to make every part of my piece intentional and meaningful. I realized that wooden blocks could make up a city, and dirt could make a vast field. This led to the creation of an island: Puerto Rico, my hometown. I then wanted to take the concept of ephemerality further, and decided on doing a performance. After brainstorming possible solutions, I settled on something that was very personal and intimately tied connected to my identity: the 2017 category 5 Hurricane María that destroyed Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and homes, with over $91 billion in damages. I experienced this hurricane firsthand and it was a transformative experience. Therefore, I decided that I would emulate the hurricane with a performance. My apparel during the performance was also essential to conveying meaning, and I made a bathroom paper towel covered shirt and pants, and later covered my shoes in paper towels. I screamed as loud as possible and crushed the unfortunate island, modulating the sound of my voice from silent to louder, as a hurricane does as it picks up strength. I wanted the experience to be shocking and transformative, as I experienced back in 2017.

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