I wanted to explore the Holocene Mass Extinction by pointing out the problem, what could happen if we do not solve it, and how we can go about solving it. First, deforestation — releasing more than 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Next, I wanted to combine issues related to the ocean — overfishing, as 90% of global marine fish stocks are exploited or overfished and ocean acidification, consisting of decreasing pH caused by uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that is eating away minerals of coral reefs and their shells and skeletons. Next, I wanted to call attention to endangered species — wildlife we could lose, such as the Tiger, Giant Panda, Asian Elephant, Gorilla, and also those that we have lost as evidence of what happens if we do not take action — the Passenger Pigeon, Pyrenean Ibex, and the Tasmanian Tiger. Then, call attention to how a shift in mindset and lifestyle could create change, starting with reduction of our carbon footprints through solar panels, electric cars, clean technology. Next, switching to a plant-based diet such as vegetarian or vegan and consequently consuming less meat. Next, my favorite solution: education of girls to reduce population growth, as educated girls have on average less children, 2 after being educated instead of 6 without education. Finally, selecting leaders. It demands to be “read” up close to notice details. It is comprehensive, enough for a full overview of climate change and the Holocene Extinction.

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