The prompt was to design an avatar  a reflection of our identity as a 3D physical piece in one week. 
I sketched, brainstormed, and generated a few ideas. I decided that I would create a mix of concepts in this avatar. First, I wanted to choose an animal that represented myself, and I chose a dragon, as they are giant, powerful, fast, and energetic. I wanted to incorporate other concepts such as the Xenomorph from Alien, whose extended skull I wanted to use as the foundation for the head, and it represented an alien, bizarre, strange quality. I was also inspired by the diverse styles my classmates created during the prior class, and I combined these to make a mix of styles. 
(1) Initial ideation process using adjectives to describe qualities I could build in 3D.
(2) More sketches exploring components I would incorporate inspired by the visual vocabulary of my classmates.
(3) Planning the order of operations/build strategy to make this project a reality.
(4) More refined illustrative sketches of my vision for this 3D piece.
(5) Testing and measuring the main assembly component  — the mask headpiece — by measuring the user's head dimensions.
(6) Cutting and assembling profiles for the headpiece.
(7) Testing headpiece user experience.
(8) Sketching on cardboard to mass-replicate pieces and assemble numerous layers to create a 3D structure.
(9) Layer assembly results.
(10) I repeated layer assembly for all of the remaining components, creating a layered collection of forms.
(11) After creating the main structure, I built visual experiments inspired by the work of my classmates, making this piece a conversation including multiple perspectives.
(12) It all came together! Final Piece: Alien Dragon Energy Avatar Mask.

- Turning feelings, emotions, ideas into 3D forms
- Planning and taking into consideration the users for the design of apparel
- Creating shapes that can be mass-manufactured and assembled
- Building 3D forms with cardboard
- Exploiting the properties of cardboard (grain, texture, shape) to make visual explorations
- Creating a conversation in 3D form by including multiple, often opposing creative perspectives as inspiration for my design
- Exploring my subjectivity and positionality to create a piece part of a larger, personal dialogue
- Understanding and articulating my identity

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