Who is Raúl Falcón
Raúl Falcón is a Puerto Rican multi-disciplinary artist and product designer. Growing up in Puerto Rico, he became interested in filmmaking and art creation due to many ubiquitous, pressing issues of current society — climate change, social injustice, discrimination, and exclusion. This love for creation prompted Raúl to pursue his artistic endeavors at Colegio San José, Río Piedras in San Juan, Puerto Rico, taking part in all possible challenging art courses. During his years at Colegio San José, he has participated in clubs, designing the school magazine, creating films about environmental and social justice topics, and starting his own YouTube channel that has recently seen great success. Since graduating, he has been working on a multiplicity of projects — films, graphic design, and videos. Raúl works in diverse mediums such as paint, digital design, film, and more recently, spatial dynamics, design, and graphite, and is notable for his films and videos under his YouTube channel: Enchiridion. He refers to his creation process as product design — for you are designing something people want, and thus, all elements have to be given great importance to satisfy user desires.  His works have been recognized by YoungArts, Young Reporters for the Environment, Population Media Center, and Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs.

Artist Statement
The focus of my work is to explore ideas through usage of beautiful aesthetics as a way to impact viewers and impel them to take action. My work is based on scientific accuracy and methodical research as a way to portray issues in a manner that not only provides knowledge about the issues at hand, but also provides hope for possible solutions. My art is based on the belief that there exists hope in humanity; that we can persevere amidst our difficulties and thrive, improve, iterate, and develop ourselves to reach new heights. Additionally, my art seeks to alleviate users' wants and needs in a way that is caring, empathetic, and selfless. The world is full of injustice, but with our talents, we can contribute to equality, peace, and love. My process is to start with an intense, dark linear rendition of what I want to depict. I then iterate and form tonal passages and intricate linear patterning. This leads to results that are bold yet often delicate — a very sculptural like bas-relief. For digital art, I have created a workflow for the creation of videos — first, script writing, next, storyboard creation and graphic design, then, audio recording, finally, editing these elements in digital software, and checking any inefficiencies to create a product that is great at solving the problems users face. I recognize that the product goes beyond the video; it is the title, thumbnail, description, tags, subtitles, promotion, and other elements many overlook but are crucial for the success of your videos. I believe videos are fundamentally products. For this reason, they must be designed to be something people want. I find art to be a vehicle to communicate pressing issues and call attention to injustice, with product design as a way to solve problems and alleviate wants — a way to improve humanity’s efficiency and productivity and to be in service to humanity.
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